Caribou Lou Reaches #6 On Top 100 Drink Recipes

May 21 2011

There’s just no denying the power of Caribou Lou. The potent drink has quickly become a phenomenon thanks to Tech N9ne’s smash hit, “Caribou Lou”. It seems that the recipe for Caribou Lou has reached far beyond the Strange Music world, as explores The Top 100 Drink Recipes. Allowing users to rate and vote for their favorite drinks, the list runs through some of the most popular drinks in the world. Starting at #10 just one day ago, users have pushed Tech N9ne’s Caribou Lou recipe to #6, and it appears to still be climbing. Users can still rate and vote for their choice. Let’s push Caribou Lou to #1!

Click here to view the list and vote for Caribou Lou.

Don’t forget to purchase “Caribou Lou” online and send your receipt to for your chance to win. Ten lucky fans will receive their very own RIAA-certified Caribou Lou gold plaque, autographed by Tech N9ne himself when “Caribou Lou” reaches gold status!