Get Your V.I.P Packages Now! [Testimonial]

May 12 2011


My experience started with the SICKOLOGY TOUR!!! As i waited for my package to arrive, I began finishing plans to go to ST. LOUIS to see Tech and the STRANGE FAMILY. My packaged came about 3 days before the show. I was so excited to see what was in there. Well, just let me tell you, i was not disappointed at all, inside were t-shirts (Tech and Kali), STRANGE stickers, bandanas, rally towel, and of course, let”s not forget about the posters of Tech, Kali, and music downloads. I ordered six packages, and some of them had different shirts in them which was awesome, i got a shirt that no one else had. 🙂

Like I said, we went to ST.LOUIS, to The Pagent for the meet and greet. We had no problems with getting in and meeting our favorite rapper. The first person I met was TECH, I will admit I was nervous, but he made me feel as if I had known him all my life. He is one of the most laid-back, coolest dudes I”ve ever met. I met Krizz Kaliko next, and let me say he is a hell of a guy, no wonder TECH clicks with him so well. They are both amazing. I finally met Kutt, and this guy is a cool cat. I will say that all three of them are more humble than people may think. They are not gangbangers, or devil worshipers like some still say. They are real people with real shit and issues going on their lives, we are fortunate that they share it with us. TECH, KRIZZ, and KUTT give it to us raw, and we LOVE it.

So, the price of your V.I.P package is well worth the money. Who else in this rap game can offer you a deal like STRANGE????What city will you be going V.I.P in?? I can guarantee you will remember this for a lifetime.

peace out KEEP IT STRANGE!!!!