Has Tech N9ne Found God? [Editorial]

May 15 2011

For years, Tech N9ne tried to prove his faith in God to the naysayers throughout his music. With songs like “Devil Boy” from Anghellic, he tried to force those who called him a devil worshipper to look past the face paint and spiked red hair and listen closely to his lyrics.

As his career progressed, Tech N9ne took a turn in a different direction in the Fall of 2009. Upon releasing his darkest album, K.O.D., it was evident that Tech was searching for something he believed to be existent but needed to be certain. His attiude had become dark with the worsening conditions of his mother and he expressed the anger throuhgout the album.

In the song “Show Me A God”, his feelings towards God and religion were laid on the table for the world to see. His faith was there, he just needed a sign to know that what he believed in was actually true. He couldn’t understand why his young mother, a very religious woman herself, was being diagnosed with illness after illness.

“How come an angel gotta be sick in the pancreas like she an athiest
Maybe it’s the faith that is makin’ this lady as crazy and has made me this skeptic
Next threat is Lupis on top of Epiliptic, Never rested”

“I’m ’bout ninety-nine but I need a hundred percent proof”

But as time passed, more things started to fall into place for Tech N9ne. As his music was spreading like wildfire across the globe, a shout out from one of the most popular rappers in the country, Lil Wayne, would boost his career and connections even further.

Then came the Bad Season mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid which put Tech’s name on some of the top hip hop websites in the world. Then he was featured on Travis Barker’s album, Give the Drummer Some, on the song “Raw Shit” with UGK member and rap legend Bun B.

Then the news that Tech N9ne would be featured on Lil Wayne’s upcoming album, The Carter IV, shocked many fans. Wayne’s previous album sold over three million copies, which means millions more will discover Tech N9ne when his track comes on.

And now, possibly Tech’s most anticipated album of his career, All 6’s and 7’s, has the internet buzzing with curiosity. His fast-rapping phenomenon, “Worldwide Choppers” produced by Seven, has awoken thousands of fans who have been sleeping Tech and Strange Music.

But this past Sunday, Tech N9ne released a new music video via MTV called “Mama Nem” produced by David Sanders. While this song is dedicated mostly towards his mother, some interesting lyrics lie in the middle.

“Epilepsy at eighteen the Lupis hit her, pancreatitis was taking her but God was with her, I asked him show me something because I was all bitter, right after that the pancreatitis has all withered.”

With lyrics like this, one has to wonder: has Tech N9ne found God? Is this the one percent proof he was looking for in “Show Me A God”? Is he completely convinced now that his mother’s condition has improved?

Only Tech himself can answer that question. But it seems as if those lyrics are promising that Tech’s faith is a little less shaky than it was only two short years ago.

-Kip Reiserer

Strange Music Blog Contributor

What do you think about this post? Do you think that Tech N9ne has found God with his increasing success and the improvement of his mother’s health condition? Let us know in the comment section below!