Krizz Kaliko ‘Down’ Featuring Tech N9ne [Song]

May 17 2011

“Down”. Backed by bold production accentuated with growling organs and thick synths, “Down” receives its mean sound from producer Soleternity. Both Kaliko and Tech fear the worst on the track, as each is enticed by everything from alcohol to women in large numbers. Anticipating unwelcomed consequences to their choices, they each realize the only way it could end is by going down. Kaliko contemplates his possible demise, throwing a little bit of groove into his verses. Tech on the other hand, knocks out syllables left and right, hitting each bar while juggling every word in a chain of perfect enunciation. Tech’s verse embodies every little nuance that has ever come to be a part of his flow. Raising the energy to a distant level, Tech rhymes:

But I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna
they say if I keep livin this way, that I’m a gonna
but if they take my soul, then I go below
I take the devil’s bitch and then I stick it in her hole

The always unpredictable and savage nature of both MCs comes through in shocking clarity on “Down”. The perfect close to S.I.C., “Down” leaves us with the tongue in cheek downfall of Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko.

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“Down” was produced by Soleternity.