If You Could Meet Tech N9ne… [Discussion]

May 23 2011

I know that a lot of people out there are probably thinking to themselves, “I already met Tech N9ne!”, and that’s awesome, of course, because Tech is such an amazing an inspirational man! But for those of you who haven’t met Tech yet, or even for those of you who just met him in passing and didn’t really have a chance to talk to him, what would you say to Tech if you could just sit down and kick it? If you had a couple of hours to just rattle his brain, what would you ask him?

I was fortunate to meet Tech N9ne in August of 2008 when he and the rest of the Strange Music crew were touring with Kottonmouth Kings and Hed PE. The Strange Noize Tour came to The Agora in Cleveland on the 23rd, and you had better believe that I was there! I scored some V.I.P. passes from a friend and got to chill backstage with the bands all night. Everyone was really great and down to earth. After the initial shock of meeting him, I pretty much just asked Tech about his life, and made small talk with him. Looking back I wish I had put a few moments into thinking about what I was going to ask him instead of just jabbering on about whatever. I would have loved to ask him about what the favorite part of touring is. Or what he does to just relax when he isn’t bangin’ out lyrics. What’s his favorite flavor Pop Tart? Things of that nature. So, I come to you, Techn9cians, wondering what would YOU ask Tech?

-Rachel K, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

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If you had the opportunity to meet Tech N9ne, what would you ask him? Would you be nervous? Leave your thoughts below!