MTV Interviews Tech N9ne About Upcoming Tour

May 17 2011

Fresh off releasing Tech N9ne’s latest single, “Mama Nem” produced by David Sanders, MTV caught up with the midwest chopper about his upcoming tours. As Tech N9ne and the Strange Music crew will be touring Canada before starting the All 6’s and &’s Tour in the United States, most people rappers couldn’t handle the vast number of shows lined up.

Tech will be hitting every hot spot in North America over the next few months, putting on 82 shows in 85 days. While it takes a lot to produce this amount of entertainment for his fans, Tech also had some help getting into physical shape before the tour.

“In order to condition himself, Tech sought the help of his personal trainer and came up with a laundry list of things he needs to do in order to stay in shape.”

Click here to read the full interview via MTV.

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