No Love For The Juggalos In Toronto [Article]

May 9 2011

Juggalos are dedicated, loyal, and unbelievably enthusiastic individuals. Even so, not everyone is so open to their subculture. Joshua Errett, a writer for Now Magazine, has published an article detailing his sour experience with Juggalos while watching Tech N9ne perform at SXSW. Joshua originally reviewed the performance in a controversial piece titled “Tech N9ne Performs For The Juggalos“. The review garnered such a backlash from the Juggalos, that Joshua was repeatedly confronted on all of his social media accounts. In his second take on the Juggalos, Joshua pulls no punches stating:

“The veteran Kansas City rapper has massive support from the Juggalos. Here’s a chance, I thought, to see him minus his obnoxious supporters. To my surprise, the show was packed with unsightly Juggalos. They are easy to spot. Almost always overweight, these filthy people can be found guzzling alcoholic energy drinks, wearing clothes from the 90s and painting their faces like clowns.”

Fearing the return of Tech N9ne and the possibility of more Juggalos, Joshua added this:

“Tech N9ne and his Juggalish fan base are coming to Toronto next week. After my horrid brush with Juggalo culture, I’ll be skipping the show.”

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As Joshua continues his personal battle with the Juggalos, remember that Tech N9ne returns to Canada with the Canuck The Industry Tour. For those who don’t mind rubbing elbows with Juggalos, VIP packages are still available.