The Path To ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ [Retrospective]

May 25 2011

Tech N9ne has always had strong outings and he continues to please his fans by dropping albums almost on a yearly basis. As a listener you will know that Tech puts a lot of effort into his work, and if you have been to any one of his shows, you’ll have witnessed that the show has been nothing but exceptional. On June 7th 2011, the fans will be presented with All 6’s and 7’s, a brand new album from Tech N9ne which promises to be an enriching listening experience. One has to wonder which surprises Tech has in store for the masses as the tracklisting is always interesting. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what has been released by the King Of Darkness as of late…
The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D. – This EP was full of songs which were from the K.O.D. sessions. It has songs describing Tech N9ne’s busy tour schedule as well as personal touches such as “The Last Sad Song”.

Tech N9ne Collabos : The Gates Mixed PlateThis album was the third in the Tech N9ne Collabos series and offered fans nothing but the best. The single, ” O.G “, was well recieved and the album was overall something new for the Summer of 2010.

SeepageThis was his release prior to All 6’s and 7’s , which was an EP consisting of unused beats from the K.O.D. sessions. This is an overall very good EP which is definitely worth checking out.

As you can see from his catalogue of work Tech N9ne has been consistent in releasing material and he does it for the fans each and every time. All 6’s And 7’s should be no different, and when it drops, the world will be watching.
-Simran Dahni, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

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