POLL: Best ‘Choppers’ Track?

May 6 2011

With final chapter in the “Choppers” saga written, fans everywhere are sharing their thoughts on how “Worldwide Choppers” measures up to its predecessors. “Worldwide Choppers” was premiered live via UStream from the XXL offices in New York on Tuesday. The giant-sized collaboration features Tech N9ne with Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twista, Ceza, USO, JL of B Hood, Twisted Insane, and D-Loc. Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers, the track features a unique return to the the gritty and rough sound of the original “Midwest Choppers”. “Worldwide Choppers” may be the biggest collaboration in Tech N9ne’s career, but does it hold up to the intensity of “Midwest Choppers” and “Midwest Choppers 2” ? We would like to know which “Choppers” track you think is the best.

Vote below for the best “Choppers” track.


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