What Song Turned You Into A TechN9cian? [Discussion]

May 30 2011

Everyone has a certain song (or two… or ten!) by Tech N9ne that really speaks to them, and it’s hard to choose just one to name an absolute “favorite.” But there’s a certain album or song that really got every Techn9cian into the Strange Music scene. Maybe they heard it online, in a friend’s car, or even at a show. What songs really speak to you and get you hyphy?

For me, “Einstein” has always been a favorite. There’s something about the fast-paced beat and the way Tech just spits it and kills. His performance on the Strange Noize Tour 2008 at the Cleveland Agora has a special meaning for me because it was at this show, during this exact song, that I realized that I would absolutely, positively be a Techn9cian for life. “Bout Ta Bubble” is also a favorite of mine. It’s always awesome to watch him perform the track live, especially when he remixes it for tours. The track always connects with the crowd.

The choreography that Tech and the Strange Music crew perform at shows are always great and in synch. The whole experience of being at a show is breathtaking. Watching Tech perform makes me get an undying desire to adventure and conquer. Tech N9ne is intriguing and a-typical, just like me. I think that’s why I love him so much. Everything he does is instilled with beauty and a hint of darkness, the perfect contradiction. We would like to know what song turned you into a life-long Tech N9ne fan.

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What song turned you into a TechN9cian? Was it more than one song? Was it a whole album? Leave your thoughts below!