‘Stress Relief’ [Song]

May 22 2011

“Stress Relief” is the song that I listen to. Tech uses questions throughout the song, and these are various questions that tend to circulate through anybody’s head when dealing with somebody that has crossed you.

The major strength of this song is Tech’s use of emotion. The rage and anger in his voice really gives the listener the feeling that Tech N9ne is fed up with his current situation and just can’t take it anymore. That feeling of rage and confusion that everybody gets when nothing seems to be going right for them and that one last person just crosses the line. Tech N9ne isn’t just all emotion on “Stress Relief”, he still brings the hard lines that you expect from him. From the little things like rhyming the intro lines to song:

“This is for just when you can’t take it no more
When all your kindness has gone out the door
When injustice and bullshit talk has yet to cease
Every once in a while you have to flip out and get some stress relief.”

Tech steps up his lyrics later in the song with the following lines:

Sometimes ya gotta let loose and flip on a fuckin nuisance
Stress release when you can not give a damn about they two cents”

As I stated earlier though, the real aspect that makes this song is the emotion in the lyrics. Next time you are having a bad day, put on this song and channel Tech N9ne’s aggression for your own personal stress relief.

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