T90X: First Entry [Editorial]

May 7 2011

If you’re scratching your head due to the heading of this entry, then that probably means you’re a hardcore fan.

“T90X? Uhhhh, J? Don’t you mean ‘T9X’? You know…as in the underground classic Tech N9ne drug ballad?”

Well, yes and no. I’m using the term “T90x” as a way of tying together the worlds of gym work (P90x) and the King Of Darkness (T9X). This is the first in a series of blog entries dedicated to weightlifting anthems by Tech N9ne. WARNING: It is a guaranteed fact that these songs will get you amped to the power of X during your workout. Try not to break the Smith machine during your iPod-induced adrenaline rush.

Everybody knows that when it comes to anthems that get you hype, nobody makes you wanna rip your own head off your torso and kick it through an NFL goal post like Tecca Nina. And since I don’t wanna take the BORING and PREDICTABLE route of going through Tech’s anthem singles in chronological order, I’m going to skip around his musical catalogue.

Gotcha Zune players ready? The first song in this series is “SICKOLOGY 101”. I think my bench press went up five pounds strictly as a result of this track. I mean, you got Tech, Crooked I, and Chino XL all on the same track together. Not only are all three of them superior wordsmiths, they also have the kind of electric energy in their verses that make you wanna slap yo mama.

Personally, I can listen to any kind of hype/anthem type of song for lifting weights, whether it’s fast or slow. For those of you that need faster songs for cardio, “Sickology 101” wouldn’t be a bad choice. It’s not super slow on some chopped and screwed type of tempo, but it’s not an up-tempo dance track either.

In any case, the only way this song WON’T get you pumped up is if you’re clinically deceased, so make sure you have a pulse.

“Sickology 101” is on the Tech N9ne Collabos: Sickology 101 album.

Happy lifting!

– Jeruss


"Sickology 101" was produced by Wyshmaster.
"T9X"  was produced by Icy Roc.