Tech, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

May 2 2011

Everyone knows that Tech has some pretty amazing fans! His people are constantly around and showing their support, and Tech is always interacting with his fans and showing them love. This fan-made video is great and really captures the essence of Tech N9ne’s following. From signing posters and merch to fans waiting in line for his shows, to the numerous tattoos pictured in this video, it shows that Tech loves all of his fans, and you’d better believe that they love him, too.

Using “K.O.D”. as the song choice for the beginning of this video was perfect. The lyrics, “Why would they label me heartless, when your love is my cocaine” and “I’m gonna be right by your side,” are excellent to show that Tech really is right by his fans, all the time. He doesn’t care about the dumb shit, his fans are number one to him.

Transitioning into “My World” was a great song choice, as well. “I am the ruler in my kingdom and my dark seat’s hot. Step into my world and your heartbeat stop!” These lyrics just show how Tech really sees the world. He is the number one independent rapper in the world, after all! Of course he’s the ruler in his kingdom, and his kingdom is the rap world. He has this game on lock.

Ending the video with The Pledge of a Techn9cian is the epitome of love for Tech and Strange Music. This video is awesome, and it’s great to see fans taking the time to show their undying love for all things Strange!

You can take The Pledge, too!

In honor of Tech’s new album, All 6’s and 7’s, You can take “The Pledge of a Techn9cian” and pledge yourself as a lifetime Techn9cian!

To take The Pledge, just call (347) 994-3066 on Thursday at 3PM CST!

All you need to do is read “The Pledge of a Techn9cian”:

“Together we are a powerful force,
As one mind, body and soul.
Let no evil enter nor attempt
To reduce us because of the beliefs we hold.
And with this love combined with our strength,
We ward off pain and stress.
Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!”

Also, click on the album name above to preorder your autographed copy with great extras including a 4×4 sticker, T-shirt, and an exclusive MP3 Download!

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