Tech N9ne Expands The Strange Music Empire [Editorial]

May 1 2011

As the years have passed, Tech N9ne has gone from being a greatly underrated and overlooked artist, to holding an unforeseen spot as one of the most successful independent giants in the world. His newfound success has brought in more fans and money, causing there to be bigger demand for new music from Tech and Strange Music. In addition to the amount of exposure the label has received, their touring and sales have vastly increased. These days, hip hop is built from labels stacked with vanilla rosters. Tech, however, has been a strong force, and somewhat of a mogul in the music industry. He has seemingly been using it to his advantage, making sure his empire consist of various types of artists as well as genres.

Most recently, Strange Music signed Stevie Stone. Stone is a lyricist with a hard hitting delivery, and a smoothly rigorous flow which is displayed best on his debut album, New Kid Comin. The graphic album consists of many compelling, catchy hooks, and chants. His verses usually include arrangements of multisyllabic rhymes, and display a complex vocabulary that is up to par with his Strange Music labelmates. The album appears to be genuinely autobiographical and accommodates a lot of original concepts, as shown on track 10 on the disc titled Aint Playing Round”. All in all, Stevie Stone presents a lot of potential, and will indefinitely make a great contribution to Strange Music.

Strange has also furthered their variety of artists by signing ¡Mayday!, a hip-hop group with a unique and original sound thats not easily matched. The members consist of a complete roster including lyricists, vocalists, guitarists, pianists, and drummers. They have a laid back sound with descriptive and sometimes graphic lyrics. The group seems to have an ample knowledge of what music is supposed to be. They make their points clear, and deliver in a way that is hard to ignore or lose interest in. Some admirable examples of their captive, meaningful work are “Groundhog Day” featuring Cee Lo Green and Technology. From the sound of things, ¡Mayday! should be able to reach great heights with their music, and bring back alot of due recognition to Strange.

With the notoriety proceeding to accumulate along with the success of the label’s newest talents, it is quite clear that Strange Music is on it’s way to much bigger achievements. Get familiar with the newest talent representing Strange Music, and be sure to look out for any new projects from these talented individuals.

– Paul Elsmore, Strange Music Blog Contributor