Tracing The Origins Of ‘He’s A Mental Giant’

May 8 2011

When Tech N9ne premiered the “He’s A Mental Giant” earlier this week, fans everywhere created a buzz over the unique first single to All 6’s And 7’s. Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers, the track brought together some of the most original instrumentation that Tech has ever spit on. The most peculiar piece of the production is the hook that samples an infectious melody with :”He’s a mental giant“. The vintage sample caught the attention of some very saavy Tech N9ne fans who managed to trace the origin. As it turns out, the melody comes from a classic 1939 cartoon titled Boy Meets Dog. The strange children’s cartoon tells the story of a young boy with an overbearing father. Filled with dwarves and classic morals, the cartoon is quite weird, to say the least. At the 6:00 minute mark, fans may recognize the melody the dwarves are singing as the original untouched sample from ‘He’s A Mental Giant”. There’s no telling just how Seven came across this sample, but as is typical in hip hop, the best samples come from the most unexpected places.

Click here to watch the original cartoon or scroll down below. Remember, the sample is at the 6:00 minute mark.

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