Leaving The Island [Editorial]

Jun 30 2011

Surrounded by palm trees and the crashing waves of an open ocean, six individuals sit stranded on their own personal creation of musical insurgence. Every note and lyric created spills out as another grain of sand that makes up the foundation of this island. Fueled by a far-left taste for originality, the Miami based ¡Mayday! remains secluded on their own playing field that manages to elude even the most daring of musicians. The members have all found a working formula that has kept the band on their own little “island”, away from dull and repetitive industry releases. Now, partnered with the independent power of Strange Music, ¡Mayday! looks to leave this stronghold that they have created, and bring their unique sound to the rest of the world.

More than just a hip hop group or a rock band, ¡Mayday! redefines what limits a band can push. Led by two frontmen, Wrekonize and Bernz, the band escapes the generalizations set by the nu-metal groups of years past. Instead of settling for an MC simply rhyming over rock beats, they focus their efforts on building harmonies and choose substance over flash. The intricate and thought-provoking rhymes from Wrekonize leave a strong impression on listeners, who can connect with the soul felt on tracks like “Sell Your Soul”. Bernz lends his own lyricism with sharp twists on syllables, and a keen ability to hit melodic hooks. Between the two, ¡Mayday! carries a serious threat to both MCs and singers everywhere.

Moving this eclectic machine are Lex Pluthor (guitar and keyboard), Gianni Cash (bass and keyboard), NonMS (percussion), and LT Hopkins (drums). Each and every single member carries multiple roles both on stage and in the studio. The only thing more impressive than their musical inclination inside a recording studio is their ability to put on one of the best live shows in the touring game. The high adrenaline spectacle is highlighted by tight choreography that includes a b-boy clinic from NonMS. Watching ¡Mayday! on stage is the equivalent of a visual steroid that numbs the senses and leaves audience members speechless. Simply put, these guys can move.

The funky grooves that lace most of ¡Mayday!’s music are a sign of the influence their environment has provided. Exploding out of Miami, the band has had the opportunity to draw influence from several musical styles including hip hop, reggae, and electro. Plex Luthor is credited with shaping the sound of ¡Mayday!’s Stuck On An Island, an erratic mix of the best ¡Mayday! has to offer. With an original style on their side, ¡Mayday! also benefits from its past work with high profile artists. Lil Wayne, Freeway, Cee-lo, Ace Hood, T-Pain, and N.O.R.E. have all collaborated with the Miami menace, giving ¡Mayday! enough publicity to push outside of their regional following. Their recent signing to Strange Music makes them one of the biggest advantages the independent label has. Bordering the mainstream consciousness, Strange Music is now aiming to position their artists in a bigger market. ¡Mayday! came to Strange as a power player thanks to their extensive work with mainstream names, and now stands a valuable asset that could be the very thing that Strange Music can bank on for an entirely new audience.

Currently on the road with Tech N9ne for the All 6’s And 7’s Tour, ¡Mayday! is branching out to the Strange Music fan base. With every city comes a new challenge to turn the tide in their favor, and if sales are any indication, ¡Mayday! is about to leave the industry calling for just that….mayday!

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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