Brotha Lynch Hung: Influential or Insane?

Jun 20 2011

Allow enough conservative, asinine propaganda to pervert your perception and you can reasonably view Brotha Lynch Hung as a manic pervert. However, insist truth be told in all facets of life including the validity of Hip Hop and you’ll easily find Brotha Lynch to be amongst the greatest, illest, rawest and most primordial rappers of this or any generation.

Revolutionary: Idea Mann; Game changer; Devoted to perfecting, altering craft;
Rebel: Simply attempting to stand against a cause without offering a worthier cause of their own;
Raving Lunatic: Purely unhinged; Insane; Derailed, but ambitious;
Reefer Addict: Too stoned to own; Too high to fly;

~ Strange Music Blog Contributor