Jay Rock’s Five Most Memorable Lines

Jun 27 2011

There’s no doubt about it, Jay Rock is one of the roughest MCs to come out of the West Coast in years. Known for rugged rhymes and a signature delivery that has drawn him comparisons to the late Notorious B.I.G., Jay can make a track stand out with a single line. His ability to deliver original wordplay and hardcore street tales make him a force to be reckoned with. As the release of Follow Me Home grows closer, we are taking a look back at five of Jay’s most memorable lines. Blazing like the California temperature, these lines were made to burn tracks.

“Zip That Chop That”(Black Hippy)- “I’m tryin’ to come with enough power to pass fifty
I’m talking fifty bill, you niggas don’t fit the bill”

“No Mask On”- “Wavin’ at my fans, I’m the man, what you tellin’ god?
I don’t rap in booths, I rap in synagogues”

“Damu”- “If them boys come around, then you don’t say zip
I keep a Spielberg ’round the corna with them clips”

“Hood Gone Love It”- “I paint a picture so perfect
In my CD you see Mona Lisa in person”

“You Owe Like Pookie”- “Money never grow on trees, so you disrespectin’
Fuck a Smith and Wesson, I’ma order you that choppa special”

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