‘Am I A Psycho?’ [Song]

Jun 11 2011

“Am I A Psycho?”.

The song begins with laughing voices, apparently taunting someone. The voices set the stage for the darker mood of the song. A fairly slow, pounding beat provides a sinister feeling. Tech begins with his verse about plowing through women and letting strippers burn him with cigarettes. Independent rapper Hopsin verifies everything Tech N9ne’s fans expected with a solid verse. Hopsin paints a picture of mood swings, haunted dreams, and struggles with the rap game. Megastar B.o.B surprises everyone with a somewhat macabre contribution. B.o.B is known for his radio-friendly songs about nothing even close to this subject matter.

Overall, the song is not a new concept for Tech, but it works. Some of the style we have grown to love about Strange Music has come into play again. Tech showcases the best of independent artist and mainstream artists alike on this track. On the album that is supposed to expose Tech even more to the world, he brings his own style and refused to compromise. The end result is classic Tech, backing up the feeling of confusion and disarray that is All 6’s and 7’s.

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Am I A Psycho” was produced by B.O.B