B.O.B. Brings The Beef To ‘All 6′s And 7′s’

Jun 4 2011

When you are asked to appear on an album like All 6’s And 7’s, there’s just no telling what you are capable of. In B.O.B.’s case, it’s re-igniting a beef with the West Coast collective known as Odd Future. Fans may remember that the war of words began when Tyler The Creator took a playful shot at B.O.B. on his hit single “Yonkers”. Firing off the first hit, Tyler spit:

“(What you think of Hayley Williams?) Fuck her, Wolf Haley robbing them
I’ll crash that fucking airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in”

In retaliation, B.O.B. came back at Tyler with “No Future“, a track riddled with veiled jabs to the leader of Odd Future. Since then, many have wondered whether the beef between the two would continue or rest. It looks like B.O.B. has decided otherwise. HipHopDX.com has confirmed that B.O.B. has thrown fuel on the fire with even more indirect shots at Tyler on Tech N9ne’s “Am I A Psycho?” from All 6’s And 7’s. Interestingly enough, Tech N9ne had originally reached out to Tyler the Creator for a guest spot on All 6’s And 7’s. They say beef between MCs is what drives stronger music, and as long as it stays on wax, it will be interesting to see how far this one reaches.

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