Bring That Back: The Art Of Backmasking [Editorial]

Jun 19 2011

Since the early days of rock and roll — conspiracy theorists, religious figures, critics, and fans alike, have all studied the compositional act of backmasking or reverse speech. First founded by The Beatles on their 1966 album, Revolverbackmasking has been an illusion of the English language in music, not quite a palindrome, but still a dexterous pattern of wordplay.

In today’s music world, the independent-king himself, Tech N9ne, is a inamorata of backmasking, using the ancient craft of phonetic lyricism through-out his library of music, a catalog of gems that have been lionized as works of artistic percipience. Just recently, on his new album All 6’s And 7’s, Tech N9ne added another piece to his collection with the track, “Face Paint”. For all of you who are wondering, or still trying to figure out what Tech exactly says at the end of the track, here you go (in forward motion) –

Think again think again nigga, the angels been long gone. You’re a full blooded animal, hahahaha. That’s whats inside of you, you just don’t wanna admit it. But you know you become, totally animal. The face paint brings it forth.”

Einstein, Tech N9ne!

With numerous songs, Tech N9ne has instituted a screen of smoke & mirrors in the minds of listeners, instilling the most hauntingly, thought-provoken lyrics with the method of backmasking.

Tracks such as “Paint A Dark Picture”, Tech says —

Kcuf uoy fi slived era tahw uoy pishrowFuck you if devils are what you worship

The chorus to “Trapped In A Psycho’s Body”

yzarc em evird ot tuoba s’tI/ybab ohcysp a m’II’m a psycho baby/ It’s about to drive me crazy

Tech N9ne has trounced the technique of back-masking. Illustrating a style in today’s world, with what would of caused picket-signs of religious outcry in the 1970’s. He’s more than just a experimental genius, he’s a manipulator of observation & vernacular, testing the path of his listeners, using sound and lyricism as a way to drift the human concious far away from any prevelant form of reality.

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