Best Buy RESTOCKED On ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ Deluxe Edition?!

Jun 15 2011

Victor Sandoval

It looks like fans who missed out on Best Buy’s Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s may have another chance to get their copy.

When All 6’s And 7’s first hit shelves last week, Best Buys around the country were reportedly selling out at an unbelievable rate. Fans everywhere rushed to get their hands on an Exclusive Best Buy Edition of All 6’s And 7’s that included a real Strange Music medallion and 3 bonus tracks.

Now it seems as though Best Buy may have restocked the coveted Deluxe Edition. One fan took to Twitter to report that his local Best Buy had once again stocked its shelves full of the Deluxe Edition. He shared this photo and added that there were 12 copies available. If this is the case, then other Best Buys around the country may have indeed restocked their shelves. Fans who could not get their copy of Best Buy’s Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s should call and check their nearest Best Buy location because there is no telling how long these will last!

Were you able to purchase a Best Buy Deluxe Edition? Will you try again? Leave your thoughts below!