Fan Campaigns To Model For Strange Music Merchandise [Fan Feature]

Jun 26 2011

Thanks to the close connection Strange Music and Tech N9ne share with fans, more and more individuals are finding ways to become a solidified part of the Strange Music world. From street teams to viral marketing, fans are always looking for ways to help contribute. One fan in particular is building a campaign to model for official Strange Music merchandise. Cyndi “Slim” Grant is rallying fans behind her campaign with a Facebook group called “Slim For Strange Music Merch Model“. Speaking on the Facebook group, Cyndi explains how it all began:

“Just a couple days ago a friend of mine made me a fan page to see how many people would like to see me as a Strange Music model. Just as a test. I want to model for Strange Music because im a big fan of Strange Music! I love all of the merch so it would just be really neat to be able to model it!”

Cyndi is not new to Strange Music fans though. She has actually made headlines on this very blog for her tactics on how to bully a friend into Tech N9ne, and her cover of Tech N9ne’s “Be Warned”. Now she is looking to give the ladies of the Strange world a little more variety with their merchandise. When asked what Strange Music means to her, Cyndi replied with:

“Strange Music helps me through rough days. Theres so many songs that are hyphy and can get me out of my funk. I listen to Tech N9ne daily. Something about his voice and sound is just comforting to me. I respect the independence 100%! everyone continues to amaze me with each album! i havnt had the chance to attend a show, but i watch the DVD’s and all i can say is WOW! it’s really not a concert, its a show. it’s all put together SO well! it’s not the normal rappers just running around the stage. the have everything put together very neatly! its simply amazing!”

By the looks of things, Cindy “Slim” Grant is quickly becoming her own celebrity among the Strange Music fans and her steady following of supporters is driving her Facebook group. Who knows where we might see her next?

Click here to join “Slim For Strange Music Model” on Facebook.

What do you think about Strange Music using models for merchandise? Would you vote for “Slim”? Leave your thoughts below!