Technician: ‘If Tech Was A Cult Leader, He Would Be The Best Cult Leader Ever’

Jun 10 2011

So many reviews have been coming in for All 6’s And 7’s that it was only a matter of time before we heard from the fans. Ladarriusy took to YouTube with his exclusive pre-order package of All 6’s And 7’s, and broke down the album track by track in two separate videos. Playing short clips of each track, he gives his thoughts on them, and praises Tech’s work on the album. Thinking about “Cult Leader”, he says, “If Tech was a cult leader, he would be the best cult leader ever”. With everyone buzzing about All 6’s And 7’s, ladarriusy is not alone in giving Tech credit for his best work yet.

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Cult Leader was produced by Seven and features Liz Suwandi on the chorus.