Fans Postpone Wedding For Tech N9ne [Fan Feature]

Jun 22 2011

The level of dedication that Tech N9ne fans have is nothing short of remarkable. From tattoos to traveling long distances just to witness a Tech N9ne show, fans continue to surprise and shock with the amount of love they have for his music. Those that have witnessed a Tech N9ne show know just how incredible it really is. Incredible enough to postpone your wedding? Without a question, at least for April Swaim and her fiance’.

When circumstances jeopardized their opportunity to attend a Tech N9ne show near them, the couple made the big decision to postpone their nuptials:

“Our plan was to get married on August 14, 2011. When i found out tech was coming to Charlotte, NC I knew that there was no way I would miss this show and that I had to go VIP. I bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale. Well, due to financial situations we came to a point that we had to choose. With Tech being so close and the fact that going to charlotte included us needing a hotel and taking a babysitter for the kids. finances just wouldnt allow both these events so close together and Woody, my fiance, pointed out Tech rarely comes near us. I saw him once on the Wicked Wonka Tour and then we saw him together at the Fire and Ice Tour five hours away. So we knew that going to Tech was more important and that we could get married before we had the chance to see Tech again.”

While not every fan would postpone such an event for a concert, Tech N9ne’s music is deeply rooted into the lives of this couple. On meeting for the first time, Aprils says,

“My fiance and i actually got together because of Tech. The first night we met we had a jug of caribou lou and listened to Absolute Power and Everready front to back. we say that “Caribou Lou” is one of ‘our songs.'”

The couple now prepares to see Tech N9ne live on July 26 in Charlotte, NC on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour. As for Tech’s music making an appearance at the wedding, April assures us with: “Absolutely playing as much N9ne as possible at my wedding.”

Fans like April Swaim and her fiance’ continue to redefine just what it means to be a Technician. We wish them the best of luck on their wedding day, even if it does have to wait.

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