How To Bully Your Friend Into Tech N9ne [Video]

Jun 17 2011

Somewhere out there in the world, there are still individuals who have not caught on to Tech N9ne’s music. To fans, this refusal to get with the program is pretty puzzling. So, what do you do if your friends don’t like Tech’s music? You bully them into it! That’s exactly what Strangeslim did in this hilarious fan video that demonstrates a head on plan of attack to bully her friend into Tech’s music. Her friend’s apprehension to Tech’s music only further fuels her abrasive rhyming of Tech’s “Industry Is Punks”. Like a woman possessed, she raps at him, spitting with perfect timing and crazed facial expressions. The unbelievably funny video is definitely up there with some of the best fan videos. You can try this at home with all of your friends, but we can’t guarantee the same results!

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