How do I not sound pompous?

Jun 21 2011

So in the meet n greets I’m known to smell really good! I know this from most of the women that I hug & they tell me that I smell REALLY good. Speaking of the women, some of them over the years have been known to put their arm around me & their arm pits are on my shoulder & if they’re musty it leaves a stink on my shoulder for the rest of the fans that greet me & I’m sure they thought wow tech was hella musty! That’s embarrassing! It’s been so bad that I’ve at times took off the shirt that I was wearing and gave it to them or at major release signings had to have travs wife dawn go buy cologne for me to cover it up similar to what I had to do here in HUMBOLT today. I’ve been keeping this shit to myself for years trying to be nice but I’m a real one so I gotta say this. I get this shit the most from girls! That’s Fuckin crazy! Beautiful ass bitches sometimes be stinkin & shit! I understand if u been waiting in the sun for hrs to meet me but if u sweat don’t put your under arms on my shoulder let me put mine on yours & then that part of your body will smell like me, POWDER FRESH SECRET & LUCIANO SOPRANI! Some of you tall ass guys throw your pits on my short ass shoulders and leave an even worse stench on me at times & I try to block it but some of u are quick & get me any way! It’s uncomfortable when I have hundreds of people to meet and one leaves onion on me& onion is hard to remove! I love you guys but you gotta try to stay so fresh and so clean when coming to give me a hug cause I get that way for you. Let me put my arm around you guys and greet you cause I know some of the pics won’t come out right when I’m slightly pulling away & I hate to pull away from my fans especially my female fans & I hug everybody! How we gonna fix this technicians? I understand if we at a 4 day festival but if u know the KING OF DARKNESS will be greeting you at some point and he’s smelling good for you, TRY to do the same for him & don’t stink him up for the hundreds of fans after you! Real spill! Tell me what Yaw think about this cause I think it had to be said after all this time! KENT CLARK! aka K.C.