Love Me Tomorrow [Song]

Jun 26 2011

“Love Me Tomorrow” featuring Big Scoob and Krizz Kaliko, details the complications and misunderstandings that Tech and Scoob encounter while dealing with certain people in their lives. Produced by Seven, this song comes laced with a soothing melody highlighted by the steady picking of a rhythm guitar and a soft bassline fused with Krizz Kaliko’s harmonic delivery. In the first verse Tech talks about the conflict he has with his woman, but the second verse is where Tech directs his attention to the fans that criticized and turned on him for collaborating on with Lil’ Wayne as he states:

“Said I’m a sellout cause I worked with Wayne, first your brain needs work, you hurt the game.”

The overall concept of the song is the old saying of first they love you, then hate you, then love you again providing the listener with the message of forgiveness and teaching that even though some can’t see past others imperfections at the moment, if they love you they’ll eventually come around.

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