MTV: ‘Tech N9ne Still Shunning Majors’ [Video]

Jun 15 2011

News of Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s breaking in at #4 on Billboard’s Top 200 is shaking up the music industry. In light of the recent blockbuster sales, MTV has released an exclusive interview with Tech N9ne from the Strange Music headquarters. Conducted last week, the interview sees MTV examining the independent hustle of Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin. Adamant that Strange Music will be the next giant, Tech shared his thoughts with MTV:

No matter how things turn out, it’s clear that Tech is happy just the way things are and couldn’t fathom selling off his company. “You might wanna ask Travis this question,” he said laughing, while deferring to O’Guin. “He’ll probably say it’ll have to be around $900 million or something [to sign a deal]. We’re good.”

With over 55,000 units sold in its first week, All 6’s And 7’s has taken Tech N9ne right to the front doors of the industry majors. It looks like everyone wants a piece of the independent powerhouse.

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What do you think of this? How important is it that Tech to hit this high in the charts?