Tech N9ne Talks With MTV About B.o.B. And Lil Wayne [Video]

Jun 14 2011

tIn the after hours of All 6’s And 7’s, Tech N9ne sat down with the powers that be, MTV News, and disputed over the lingering controversy that surrounds the new album’s guest-list.

Tech communicates on how he linked up with the mainstream acts, and played the part of Shang-Tsung by bringing the big-name artists down to his underground world. On working with T-Pain, and platinum artist Lil Wayne on “Fuck Food”, Tech tells MTV:

No, I was not afraid of the backlash because I was getting it when Wayne said he wanted to work with me to Funkmaster Flex when he was in Rikers.”

As well, Tech N9ne touches base on the B.o.B. production, and cameo appearance on “Am I A Psycho?”:

I chose it like, ‘Whoa,’ he did the beat and he did the chorus and I said, ‘That’s my world right there,’ and he wrote a verse for it. He’s a lyricist.

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