The Strange Revolution [Editorial]

Jun 4 2011

The music industry has no idea what’s just been bestowed upon it, but it’s about to. There is a feeling of revolution in the air, I can feel the essence of a musical uprising coming, propelled by increased access provided by new internet powered mediums and an unprecedented work ethic by independent artists like our beloved Tecca Nina. The era of the fan has indeed begun, and above all other artists, Tech is really spoiling us! The will of the people is being listened to on an unparalleled level as far as music goes, and this is becoming more true by the day.

With the advent of Twitter and YouTube, fans and haters alike are privy to more material, and more intimate material, than ever before, and this has in turn given birth to a musical community that will no longer accept mediocrity from it’s artists. The game has been stepped up, the proverbial bar raised to previously unfathomable heights, and all in favor of us die hard music fans. This new paradigm is most visible in the genre of Hip-Hop, where it arguably acquired it’s roots, and no better example of this futuristic grind exists than Tech N9ne and Strange Music.

Tech and the gang have sneakily slid into every corner of these newly provided mediums and set up camp, staging an onslaught of quality viral material the world could never have expected. The snake and bat have bombarded the blogosphere, invaded the viral cosmos, and tweaked the twitiverse to mold the industry into what it should have been to begin with: a community that supports it’s artists, and artists that look out for the best interests of their fans as well as themselves. Tech N9ne embodies this ethos, and it’s never been more evident than on All 6’s and 7’s. Who can craft songs like “Cult Leader” and “Am I A Psycho?”, and then turn around and make Ron Jeremy look like an Amish virgin on songs like “Fuck Food” and “Pornographic”? Who can have Snoop Dogg, Hopsin, E-40, and The Deftones on a single album?

Artistic versatility and collaborations of this caliber have until now been but a fevered dream of underground artists that have always understood what the industry fails to recognize – that music is for the people, by the people. With this 2 disc, 24 track wake up call to the fat cats and cookie cutters, we usher in a new era of Hip Hop, and as our thoughts are only as good as our words, a new era of bold, artistic, virtuous human beings. The revolution may not be televised, but you can sure as hell hear it…