‘Strangeland’ [Song]

Jun 9 2011

All 6’s And 7’s to slow thing down a bit, “Strangeland” finds Tech N9ne assessing the world he lives in with fans and critics alike praising his skill. “A world filled with Technicians“, Tech spits during the second verse. For years now, Tech has been at the center of everyone’s attention. This tribute to his own land of Technicians is long overdue. The calming sound of “Strangeland” is almost frightening in the way it paints a picture of a different world. The ironic thing is, Tech is talking about the world we all live in. The world of Tech N9ne.

“Am I in the Twilight Zone, cuz my mics on
but I never thought the world would buy my songs”

The calm behind Tech’s voice during his verse acts like a shield for his bewilderment at how everything has happened. Even still, Tech maintains that he’s always known it was meant to be this way. Additional vocals from Jerita Streater strengthen the hook’s soothing tone. “Strangeland” gives All 6’s And 7’s one of Tech’s most unique and original creations.

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“Strangeland” was produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.