Tech Makes the Best Day of Fan’s Life

Jun 22 2011

“When I got to meet Tech last year for the first time it was the best day of my life!! It really was!! Because two days before the concert I finally left an abusive relationship.. So even thou I knew I was doing the right thing by leaving I was still heart broken but knowing that I was gna see the best rapper alive kept me going.. So on oct. 5th of 2010 came n it was like I had no pain.. The meet & greet was awesome everybody was so nice & down to earth.. Tech N9ne was so coo he took as many pix with us that we wanted.. He even let me kiss his cheek!! His face was so soft.. Tech was so sweet cuz I showed him all my tattoos that I got that have to do with him… Like the strange music logo on my neck & psycho b9tch on my shoulders & his name on my arm… & ill never forget how he said… “they’re beautiful baby” I want to just cry… I dnt knw how I was holding it together… After that I had him sign my collarbone/chest n he blew on me it was awesome!! Lol n yes I did get it tatted… Anyways… Then it was time for the show.. I was right in the front!! The whole show was sicc!! Then Tech came on n it was awesome!! He sang my song Psycho B9tch 2 n towards the end he grabbed my hand n was singin it to me!! (mind you I got all this on video with my cell phone, so he was singing into my phone) & it ended n he goes “Hey baby!! Are you old enough to fuck me tonight??” (he was pointing at me!!) N I screamed “OMG!!! YES!!!!” (i was 23 at the time) n he grabbed my hand n said “ok we gna fuck then” n the song That box started playing & he humpped my arm & sang the chours to me!!! Omg it was the best feeling in my life!! Even thou we didnt fuck lol it didnt matter… Just the fact that he came up to me out of all the females at the show & told me that infront of all those ppl!! Man I was so happy I couldnt believe it.. N it was all on video!! Swear it was the best day of my life. So when I came across my ex n he was running his mouth talkin shit I just laughed at him n said I could careless what u got to say… Cuz Tech N9ne wants to fuck me…. Ha ha ha!! The look on his face was priceless… It was like I slapped him…. Lol!! And thats why it was the best day of my life… I cant wait to see him this saturday at the show in santa cruz ca. I got vip again im so fuckin excited!! Thanx for listening love u all!! Keep it STRAAAANGE!!”Anita Mesa