Tech Discusses ‘F**k Food’ And Sexual Themes [Video]

Jun 26 2011

As one of the biggest collaborations on All 6’s And 7’s, “Fuck Food” created quite a stir upon its release. Pitting Tech N9ne with mainstream giants Lil Wayne and T-Pain, the track ignored pressure to conform to mainstream standards and instead focused on delivering a sex fueled anthem. Speaking to from Strange Music headquarters, Tech discussed the creative appeal behind “F**k Food” and his thoughts on hip hop’s acceptance of certain sexual acts. Proud of the work, Tech said:

“I do think ‘Fuck Food’ will become a ladies’ anthem. And the guys are gonna have to have it for the ladies to come around. They’ll say, ‘You got that new Tech N9ne and Wayne?’ Even if they don’t fuck with it, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I got it. ‘Fuck Food’ is right there.’ That’s what I mean by bringing them into Strangeland.”

Never one to shy away, Tech N9ne assures listeners he lives up to every bit of the twisted desires heard on “F**k Food”.

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