Tech N9ne Talks The Doors And More With MTV Hive [Interview]

Jun 14 2011

The sudden spotlight on Tech N9ne’s world is growing larger by the second. All 6’s And 7’s keeps pushing forward, and with it is Tech’s entire independent hustle. With so many new fans, Tech N9ne is finding himself recalling his origins more and more in recent interviews. Speaking to MTV Hive, Tech discussed his transition from b-boy to MC, his first rhyme, and the influence Jim Morrison has had on his music.

Explaining the inspiration for Strange Music, Tech stated:

” I was connected to the Doors, man. I was really into Jim Morrison. And even though he died the year I was born, he inspired me to do something really great – to come up with the idea for a record label called Strange Music. They had a song called “People Are Strange” that had a dark circus feel to it. I loved it.”

The world is slowly finding out that there is more to Tech N9ne than just face paint and fast raps. The self proclaimed “vampire” is making sure he is here to stay.

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