Tech N9ne Sells Big In Utah

Jun 24 2011

The release of All 6’s And 7’s gave way for Tech N9ne’s single best week in sales. Debuting at #4 on Billboard, the album was flying off shelves around the country, especially in Utah. The album sold so well, that two weeks after its release, it was still the highest selling album in local stores. Addressing his blockbuster success in Utah, Tech said to The Salt Lake Tribune:

“We’ve been coming there since we started,” he said. “I got family there. We know when we come to Salt Lake we’re going to have a good time.”

Thanks in large to his grueling tour schedule, Tech has managed to build one of his biggest followings in Salt Lake City. His regular trips to the state are rewarded with sell out crowds, and now it looks like Tech can count on high album sales from his dedicated fan base. Showing his respect and appreciation to Utah, Tech is making it clear that no state is safe from Strangeland.

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