‘TipsyBartender’ Mixes It Up With Caribou Lou [Video]

Jun 24 2011

World famous for its ability to turn a good night into a great night, Caribou Lou continues to seep into the mainstream consciousness. The potent ingredients of Bacardi 151, Malibu Rum, and pineapple juice make this a favorite among Tech N9ne fans everywhere. Taking a musical cue on his YouTube show, TipsyBartender gave viewers a lesson in making Caribou Lou in honor of Tech N9ne, and a Billie Jean in tribute to Michael Jackson. Aided by an apprehensive assistant, he mixes what looks like a powerful glass of Caribou Lou. When he compares both drinks, he give Caribou Lou the edge over a Billie Jean. With a clear winner in Caribou Lou, perhaps fans can look forward to a lesson in making a KC Tea.

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