Wal-Mart Gives ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ A Giant Reach

Jun 8 2011

As one of the biggest releases this year, Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s is leaving no store shelf behind. The first Tech N9ne album to land in Wal-Mart, All 6’s And 7’s is getting cleaned up with an exclusive edited version that also comes with $10 in Strange Bucks, redeemable at www.strangemusicinc.com. While many fans are excited to see Tech N9ne in Wal-Mart, others are a little confused as to what the point of an edited album is. The fact is, Tech N9ne fans come in all ages. Entire families have been known to enjoy Tech N9ne’s music, but with responsible parenting a priority, it’s not always so easy. Wal-Mart’s edited edition of All 6’s And 7’s has now given parents and teachers an opportunity to share Tech N9ne with young listeners, and not have to expose them to subject matter they may not be ready for. Parents, relatives, and even dance class teachers have been sharing their thoughts on the matter, with all of them agreeing that a clean All 6’s And 7’s is just what they needed. Wal-Mart gives Tech N9ne’s music a wider audience, and in the end, whether it’s men, women, or entire families, everyone can enjoy Tech N9ne.

Purchase your edited copy of All 6’s And 7’s at Wal-Mart and receive $10 in Strange Bucks for use at www.strangemusicinc.com !