‘Ya Killin Me’ [Song]

Jun 12 2011

Screeching in like a musical excerpt from Psycho, “Ya Killin Me” strikes with horrifyingly sharp strings that give way to one of Tech N9ne’s hardest tracks ever released.

Tech N9ne suits up for battle on this absolutely destructive anthem from All 6’s And 7’s Deluxe iTunes Edition. Providing a classical touch to the lyrical bloodbath coming, YoungFyre and Karbon create a perfect blend of gothic harmonizing and panic inducing sounds. Firing off the first shots, Pill rides out with Tech and drops an aggressive assault on syllables in the first verse. Kaliko’s growl is promptly featured during the hook, which hits with lines like:

“It’s so easy, god sent me here to punish you
believe me, I’m the wrong one to run into”

The unforgiving nightmare continues when Tech launches into his own verse that ranges from personal threats to a warning for all foes. The industry’s lack of acknowledgement for his accomplishments drives Tech to push his lyrical limits, and land on flows such as:

“I feel this shit, I bust to my meal ticket
I’m up and I ill spit it, I fucks with the Pill nigglets”

“Ya Killin Me” is a return to Tech N9ne’s savage style, and it is only available on the Deluxe iTunes Edition of All 6’s And 7’s.

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