‘Code Red’ [Song]

Jul 31 2011

“Code Red” chills with high pitched pianos and thumping percussion that has little give and no remorse.

Produced by Phonix Beats, “Code Red” opens Follow Me Home with simplistic and rough production, as sophistication is left behind. Like a true West Coast banger, emphasis on piano creates a dark and ominous melody for Jay Rock to flow over. With a cold dead sound, the hook rings in like the reaper’s touch:

“Welcome to Watts, California
where we ain’t scared to run up on ya
if you’re prepared when it goes down
then you know it’s Jay Rock turn now”

“Code Red” may be one of the shorter tracks on Follow Me Home, but it is the absolute epitome of what Jay Rock is truly about. His unforgiving past and life experiences are echoed with every word he spits . This is how Jay Rock takes you home.

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