Could ‘Follow Me Home’ Be The Biggest Album Ever On Strange? [Discussion]

Jul 3 2011

The story of how Jay Rock ended up on Strange Music is not filled with shootouts, police chases, or even robberies. No, it was pretty standard actually. Jay Rock and Top Dawg Entertainment were not happy with the movement at Warner Bros. and opted to leave. Not too long after splitting from the label, Tech N9ne managed to secure Jay Rock for his own line up at Strange Music. While the road to Strange Music was a little shaky, it’s certainly not what makes Jay Rock a hot commodity. No, instead, that credit goes to Jay’s experience in the music industry and the mainstream recognition that he carries. Thanks to having been signed to a major label, Jay Rock’s fame boasts a little more worth than the average independent artist.

Jay’s first major label single, “All My Life”, is a prime example of the places Jay has been. On his first break into the mainstream, he was accompanied by Lil Wayne, who at the time was just about the hottest MC in popular culture. If that wasn’t enough of a co-sign, Jay has also racked up an impressive line of collaborations with names that include Omarion, Chris Brown, and Glasses Malone. With past exposure on MTV and radio nationwide, Jay Rock came to Strange Music already loaded up on mainstream experience.

A recently released rumored tracklisting to Follow Me Home has the entire online community buzzing. While it is not confirmed, it has absolutely caused a spike in anticipation for the album’s release on July 26. The tracklisting claims to not only feature 24 brand new tracks, but also lists some of the biggest names in the industry today. Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Lil Wayne, Tyrese, and Scarface are all listed on the rumored tracklist. What is even more shocking is that the tracklist claims to pair Tech N9ne and 50 Cent on the same track. That collaboration alone is perhaps the biggest shocker to come out of Follow Me Home. Considering the massive star power lined up for the album, there is almost no question that Follow Me Home will be picked up by much of the mainstream media.

With Follow Me Home dropping on July 26, it begs the question: will this be the biggest album to ever be released on Strange Music? Will the guest features make a difference?

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