Digging Through ‘Coathanga Strangla’ [Video]

Jul 7 2011

Brotha Lynch Hung’s Coathanga Strangla proved to be one of his bloodiest masterpieces, and left fans ready for more mayhem on Mannibalector. Packed with guest features and stunning production, the album really stood out as one of 2011’s best releases. In this video review, MisanthropikOne puts Lynch’s work to the test with a lengthy review that examines each track and the themes that run throughout the album. He discusess a few of the differences between Coathanga Strangla and Dinner And A Movie, noting that ultimately, Coathanga Strangla was the better album. The second half of this ambitious review is dedicated to Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s album.

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What do you think of the video review? Do you agree that Coathanga Strangla was better than Dinner And A Movie? Leave your thoughts below!