Jay Rock Speaks On His Move To Strange Music [SM Exclusive]

Jul 16 2011

Originally signed to Warner Bros. as a promising new mainstream artist, Jay Rock soon found himself unhappy with the situation he was in. Making a drastic change, Jay Rock stuck with his independent roots and signed to Strange Music in order to release his debut album, Follow Me Home. Now after having a full run with what Strange Music can offer an artist, Jay Rock shared some insight on what his experience has been like thus far.

Expressing his feelings on signing with Strange Music, Jay Rock is grateful for the partnership:

“It’s like a blessing, man, because like I said, Strange Music don’t just mess with anybody. Top Dawg Entertainment and Strange Music joined forces, and it’s a real good thing. It’s love just to be out here on this road connecting with the fans. It’s family man. They welcomed me with open arms, and it felt good. Strange Music don’t just be messing with anybody, so for them to open their arms to me and Top Dawg Entertainment, it’s a pleasure man.”

Following his departure from Warner Bros., Jay Rock explained what it was that drew him to Strange Music in the first place:

“Basically nobody offered me touring and merchandise and things of that nature. It’s a good look for me. Off the bat I was on a tour, as soon as I signed I was on tour connecting with these fans and selling merchandise. That was a real good look for me.”

Independent or major Jay Rock depends on himself to keep it moving. He insists that an artist’s grind has to be non-stop in order to succeed:

“Whatever label you sign on, ain’t no difference. You still gotta go hard on what you do. Even though you’re signed, you still can’t just be slacking. You still gotta grind, you gotta grind like you aren’t signed. You still gotta go hard with it, just because you’re signed doesn’t mean you gotta relax. You still gotta go hard with it.”

Follow Me Home hits the stores and online on July 26.

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