POLL: Should Kutt Calhoun Be A Part Of KABOSH?

Jul 2 2011

All of the recent discussions and rumors circulating about KABOSH have raised expectations from fans. The long awaited alternative project from Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Dirty Wormz promises to be one of the biggest undertakings in the history of Strange Music. Tech N9ne himself has stated that he will not release the project until it is where he needs it to be. With so many ventures into the rock world, it’s easy to see why Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne are a perfect fit for KABOSH, but what about Kutt Calhoun? Kutt may not exactly be known for plunging into the world of heavy metal, but he recently blazed a collaboration with rock outfit Black Oxygen on the hit single “Pressure”. The track proved that Kutt could not only hang over the instrumentation of a rock record, but also shine when taken out of his element. The question is, would Kutt be as fitting for KABOSH?

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