Tha Bizness Discusses Producing ‘Westside’ For ‘Follow Me Home’ [SM Exclusive]

Jul 26 2011

Powering one of the biggest singles on Follow Me Home, Tha Bizness, also known as J-Hen and Dow Jones, knows a thing or two about carefully crafting major hits.

Their extensive work in the industry includes production on releases from Young Money, 50 Cent, Glasses Malone, and Young Jeezy. Shifting their focus to Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home, the production duo sought to give the album a fitting West Coast hit. With “Westside”, Tha Bizness gave Jay Rock room to mold a crossover hit with Chris Brown, and thus deliver one of the standout tracks on Follow Me Home. Just days before the release of Follow Me Home, we spoke with both members of Tha Bizness and asked them to share some insight on the making of “Westside”.

How did you come to contribute to Follow Me Home?

Dow Jones: We’ve known Jay Rock and the whole TDE camp for maybe about five or six years now. So we always used to work together, and we were just kind of waiting for the right situation to come together. He had come down to Atlanta one time, while we had moved down here, and we started working on the joint. Knocked it out a little bit, went back to L.A. and played around with a couple different hook ideas and all that. He was thinking about getting Gucci Mane on it because Gucci was hot at the time, and him and Rock had a good relationship together. As times changed, the Warner situation and through the new Strange Music situation, he wanted to come with som e new energy on it. Chris Brown had reached out to him, through all the work we had done with Chris, and through him and Jay Rock just having a good relationship together, just thought it would be a good idea to get on this record and try to make it something big.

Did you produce “Westside” with Jay Rock in mind?

J-Hen: It was actually a track that we made a couple of years back. Actually when we were working with Young Jeezy. It was one of the tracks that we didn’t play for him because he had already picked one that he wanted, which was “My President” at the time, and that turned out to be a great success. So, we kept that in the stash, waiting for somebody that we thought would fit really well with it.

What do you like most about the track?

Dow Jones: Probably the biggest thing is just the fact that through all the ups and downs or changes in Jay’s journey, you can finally be able to see the day of light in a real nice form, where a lot of people are giving real good feedback to the song. Just seeing the overall picture has been a lot more meaningful to us than anything else. When you get two great artists together over a great beat, it ends up working well for everybody. The main thing for us, more than anything else, was being able to see people that are our friends actually be able to come and take over the game. Him and the rest of the Black Hippy movement with Kendrick, Ab-Soul, and Schoolboy Q are on top of the rap game right now.

What do you think is so appealing about Jay Rock?

Dow Jones: Just the authenticity of it. It’s just a new wave of West Coast music is what Jay Rock and the whole Top Dawg Entertainment team are doing. It’s still street, but it’s kind of sophisticated gangsta music. It’s not the Ice Cubes, it’s a whole new generation of mixing in that hard hip hop sound that the whole world has come to love with that still edgy West Coast vibe and terminology. It still gives you that West Coast feel without being that West Coast sound that you’re used to.

Any upcoming projects fans can look forward to?

Dow Jones: Probably one of the biggest new artists of this year, Kreayshawn from the Bay area, from Oakland, CA. We’re going to be executive producing the album and doing a lot of the production off that, kind of helping her get her career going, and taking her to the next level. We just had “Dope” come out today, with Glasses Malone for the Beach Cruiser album. Still working with Drake and working with Estelle. We’ve been kind of branching out and doing a lot more Pop and R&B stuff, kind of spreading out that way.

J-Hen: Like Ashanti and Keri Hilson. We just try to stay humble and keep it moving.

Fans can check out “Westside” featuring Chris Brown on Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home which is now available everywhere.

Click here to purchase Follow Me Home.