Fan-Made ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Dance Videos [Poll]

Jul 13 2011

It’s been known that Tech N9ne’s music makes people want to dance and recently released song, “Worldwide Choppers“, is no different.

As many fans have tried to cover the song lyrically, a few are showing off their abilities to dance to the quick tempo. From a homemade video by a party of one to a carefully choreographed dance by a group, you have to give credit to all of these Technicians for making some entertaining videos.

But we want to know what you think about these three videos. Check them out below.

1. “Worldwide Choppers” by huskiepridewr84

2. “Hype 303 – Worldwide Choppers” by TheHype303

3. “Summer Walk and Shuffle” by Hellball911

So after watching all of these dances to “Worldwide Choppers”, which one did you think was the coolest? Vote and let us know!


Think you can do better? Take a video of your dance, upload it to YouTube and you could be featured on the Tech N9ne blog.

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What did you think of these videos?