Fans Cover Entire ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Song [Poll]

Jul 25 2011

Fan covers Tech N9ne's "Worldwide Choppers"On arguably one of the hardest songs to cover put out by Tech N9ne, many Technicians have stepped up to the challenge.

Not only is one verse on “Worldwide Choppers” difficult to recite, the whole song takes a lot of preparation and fast-rapping ability. These fans took a leap of faith to cover the song in its entirety and did a pretty good job at doing so.

Here are three attempts to full cover “Worldwide Choppers” and we want to know who you think takes the cake on this competition.

Here are the contestants:

1. “TECH N9NE – Worldwide Choppers (Full SongCOVER)” by jerrit2004

2. “Worldwide choppers rookie cover” by AfterLyfeXAGG

3. “Worldwide Choppers (cover)” by DC16100

Now that you’ve seen all three of these Technicians cover “Worldwide Choppers”, it’s time to vote!


Think you can do better? Take a video of your dance, upload it to YouTube and you could be featured on the Tech N9ne blog.

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