Fan’s Ultimate Tattoo Tribute [Fan Feature]

Jul 26 2011

Tech N9ne fans have always found their own special way to show off their dedication and love for Tech’s music. Some fans pick up the lastest t-shirts and albums, while others make it to every VIP meet and greet. Still, for a select group of fans, that isn’t nearly good enough. Fans from all over have introduced a new rite of passage for Technicians, and while tattoos may not be for everyone, these fans are going all out. William Collier of Las Vegas, NV found that his love for Tech N9ne and Strange Music was strong enough to warrant permanently marking his body.

Like most fans with Tech N9ne tattoos, William just wanted to express his loyalty in a big way. As he explains though, one tattoo just wasn’t enough:

“It started out as just the Strange Music Snake and bat. However, I soon found out that it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted an arm that truly showed my love, dedication and appreciation for everything Tech N9ne and the rest of Strange Music works hard to achieve every day.”

Just how did William come to love Strange Music so much? He went on to recall some his favorite memories:

“I’ve loved Tech N9ne for about 15 years now. I remember when I used to request his video on a channel we had back then called ‘The Box’. Also, when Strange Music was here in Las Vegas, NV on June 16 me and my wife went to the meet and greet….It was our wedding gift to each other, and was our first meet and greet ever and our second Tech N9ne concert… The fact that we got to meet them was an amazing experience all in its own.”

William’s sleeve went on to include pieces dedicated to Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, and Brotha Lynch Hung. With nearly the entire Strange Music roster on his body, William had to show the artists just how much their music meant to him:

“To see their reactions to my tattoos and to know just by their faces how appreciative they were towards me that I would but their logos on my body made it that much better. We didn’t really know of Stevie Stone and I remember Brotha Lynch from years ago but hadn’t listened to him in a long time, but just like with all the artists on the label once we heard Stevie on stage and I listened to Brotha Lynch’s new CD I knew they deserved to be a part of my collage so to speak. For me it’s not just the music they make individually, but the experience they give and the hard work as a whole they give to all of their fans. I mean to my recollection I’ve never heard any other singer or artist come out with a song dedicated to just their fans!”

Even with so many tattoos already in place, William is not done with his tribute. There’s still some work to be done for this Technician:

“My arm is by far not yet done I still have to put Kutt’s mirrored KC on it (Kutt himself told me to put this on for him) and I was thinking of either Tech’s face from Seepage or his split face from Sickology 101.”

Fans like William Collier are the reason that Tech N9ne can boast the most hardcore fan base in hip hop today. As William’s creative and extensive tattoo work continues to expand, Technicians everywhere are taking the great leap and getting their very own ink. Everything from Anghellic to K.O.D. has found its way into official Tech N9ne tattoos. With so many new fans stepping into Strangeland, it won’t be long before Tech N9ne tattoos become the norm.

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What do you think of William’s Strange Music tattoos? How do they compare to others you may have seen? Would you ever get a Tech N9ne tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!