‘He’s Too Weird For Me…Tech N9ne Is Like A Gateway Drug’ [Video]

Jul 12 2011

Tech N9ne may be the #1 independent rapper in the game right now, and he may have one of the largest and most dedicated fanbases in music, but even so, there are still people out there who just can’t appreciate anything about him. YouTube user TheNikbagtvZone seems to not only dislike Tech N9ne’s music, but also dislike everything about his image and personality. Refusing to review All 6’s And 7’s as request by a viewer, he goes on to explain that he believes Tech N9ne is “too weird” and “too dangerous” for him. While some Tech fans may take offense, the video is actually pretty hilarious, and it’s entertaining to watch his reaction to Tech N9ne’s music. As Strange Music and Tech N9ne continue to spread, people who don’t get it are actually becoming the minority.

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Is he too close minded or does he have a good reason to avoid Tech N9ne?