Liz Suwandi Picks Her Top Five Tech N9ne Hooks [SM Exclusive]

Jul 13 2011

As both a singer and songwriter, Liz Suwandi understands the artistic process that goes into crafting a great hook. Having appeared on Tech N9ne’s “Poisonous” from Killer, her most recent appearance on “Cult Leader” has given fans another side of her unique talent. With an absolutely mesmerizing voice and an ability to provide some of the most original writing to hit Tech N9ne’s music, Liz Suwandi is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Considering her great experience in writing music, we asked Liz Suwandi to share her top five Tech N9ne hooks. Going back through Tech’s music, she explained her picks:

“I’m A Playa”The first time I ever met Tech I was seventeen years old. One of my girlfriends had snuck me inside of a strip club. I was way too young to be in there, Tech N9ne happened to be in there. I ended up talking to him forever. Sitting there with my book of poetry, reading him all of my poetry, and speaking to him probably for like an hour and a half. He gave me his CD, and I hadn’t heard of him before. I actually really didn’t know anything about hip hop. I’m pretty much a rock chick, and listened to that growing up. When I heard his stuff, I was blown away. He totally changed my mind about hip hop. That’s the main reason why I like that. I bumped that CD for like the next six months, anytime I was down or pissed off, I was feeling Absolute Power. I was like, the dude’s crazy.

“Cult Leader” For both of us, there’s such a story behind it. For him, the perception that people have, and being called that is pretty cool for me because I grew up in a really religious background that was basically cult-like. I have a lot of things that I dealt with growing up that I don’t like, I actually escaped from that when I was about fourteen. There’s a lot of history behind it for both of us. I put my whole heart and soul into writing that hook because I had never dealt with that experience for myself, in an artistic way. To be able to do that with him was just the ultimate cool thing.

“Strangeland” I like how he takes off some the layers and lets you know what he wasn’t expecting. Every artist goes through that where they think, “Oh, no one can buy my music. No one would buy my music.” Especially because of how difficult the industry is. I think any artist, whether you’re a visual artist, music artist, sculptor, poet, writer, you’re going to go through this phase where you really don’t think people are going to listen what you have to say, and it’s not what it’s about. I love how he talks about it and how it develops into this whole movement, basically of what it is and what it’s turned into. Especially for how far things have come and developed. I just love it, I think it’s just one of the best songs that he has.

“Blackboy” I love Krizz Kaliko. I think he has the most amazing voice, and working with him, just being around him, he’s such a great person. When he tells you his story, everybody has a story, when he tells you his story it’s- for me, the best songs that are my favorites from artists are when the culmination of their experiences are the whole motivation for writing a song. That for me was “Blackboy”. He really takes you into the perspective of what it was like growing up in the ghetto, in one song, without sitting there going off about it. He just tells you in a song. I love that, I love being able to hear his struggle through that.

“Imma Tell” I really like the little sample that they use on it, with the kid. That’s one of my all time favorite hooks by him.

Fans can expect more from Liz Suwandi as she prepares to release her brand new EP, Playing With Perception, which will feature 8 brand new tracks.

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What did you think of Liz Suwandi’s picks? What’s your favorite Tech N9ne hook?